Student Support

Supporting Your Academic Success at TIIS

At The Institute of International Studies (TIIS), we prioritize your academic journey’s success. Our staff members are here to provide you with the necessary support, and we have a dedicated Student Support Officer available for personalized assistance.

Responsibility for Support

All TIIS staff members are committed to assisting and guiding students as needed. If your situation requires specialized advice, we’ll connect you with the right resources.

Dedicated Student Support Officer

Our dedicated Student Support Officer is ready to assist you. Simply schedule an appointment during our operational hours, and they’ll be there to help. We’ve got you covered, whether academic concerns, personal matters, or university life guidance.

Accessing Support

Getting support at TIIS is easy. You can reach our Student Support Officer directly or contact them through our front desk. Your well-being and academic success are our top priorities, and we’re here to support you at every turn.

TIIS is committed to your academic journey’s success, providing you with the support you need. Whether it’s academic or personal, we’re here to empower you throughout your education.

Sydney, renowned as one of the world’s most picturesque cities, beckons students with its breathtaking landscapes. Its iconic harbor vistas and pristine coastal beaches make it a sought-after destination for tourists and international scholars alike. Immerse yourself in Sydney’s natural splendor, from its glistening harbor to its renowned beaches, and embrace its vibrant outdoor lifestyle.

Sydney in Numbers

Get to know Sydney better with these key facts:

Climate: Sydney enjoys a temperate climate, with average temperatures ranging from 18-28 degrees celsius in summer to
7-16 degrees celsius in winter.

Population: Sydney is home to a bustling population of over 4.5 million residents, creating a diverse & dynamic atmosphere.

Living Costs: While your expenses will vary based on your lifestyle, we estimate that you’ll need approximately AUD $19,000 to $20,000 annually to comfortably reside in Sydney as an international

For further insights into the cost of living for international students, delve deeper into the details.

As an international student planning to study in Australia, securing suitable accommodation is crucial for your comfort and success. Accommodation costs vary depending on your location of choice and your preferences. When making this important decision, consider the following factors:

  • Proximity to Campus: Check the distance to your campus and the availability of public transport options.
  • Access to Amenities: Ensure convenient access to shopping centres, hospitals, and other essential facilities.
  • Furnished or Unfurnished: Decide whether you prefer furnished or unfurnished accommodations.
  • Shared Living: If you share accommodations, understand your housemates’ dynamics and lifestyles.
  • Total Costs: Clarify the total cost, including bond and utility fees.

When seeking accommodation:

  • Visit in Person: Avoid relying solely on online photos; visit the place in person if possible.
  • Lease Agreement: Always review the lease agreement or contract before making any payments.
  • Protect Personal Information: Don’t share personal details with strangers for property information.
  • Know Your Rights: Familiarize yourself with tenant rights in Australia.

Types of Accommodation

After receiving confirmation of your studies at TIIS, explore accommodation options that align with your needs and budget. Common choices for international students in Australia include:

  • Private Rental or Share House
  • Homestay
  • Residential Colleges or Private Student Accommodation
  • Youth Hostel and Short-Stay Budget Accommodation


Homestay is a unique cultural exchange between international students and local individuals or families. Hosts provide students with their room, meals (if agreed upon), and a conducive study environment in exchange for a weekly fee. This option is available for students under 18 and over 18. For further details, visit the Australian Homestay Network website.

For comprehensive information on applying for student rental accommodation and related topics, visit Study in Australia. Explore national property websites like, Domain, and the Student Accommodation Association to find apartments and share houses. Don’t hesitate to contact your campus’s Student Support team for a list of recommended accommodation websites.

Accommodation Checklist

Here’s a useful checklist to follow before finalizing any accommodation choice:

  • Review Contracts: Carefully read and understand your accommodation agreement. Seek assistance from our Student Support team if needed. Always obtain a receipt for any bond or deposit payments.
  • Inspect Inventory: Check the provided inventory and condition report thoroughly. Note any damages or missing items before signing the agreement.
  • Budget Wisely: Be aware of additional expenses on top of rent and deposit. Ensure you’re clear on what’s included in the rent.
  • Seek Guidance: If you have questions about your accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact your real estate agent, landlord (if renting), or homestay service provider. Someone is always available to assist you in making the right choices for your stay.

A compulsory orientation program is provided for all new students arriving on campus at the beginning of their course. The information available at the TIIS Orientation Program includes the following:

  • Welcome to TIIS by CEO
  • Academic Matters by Dean/Program Coordinator
  • Introduction to TIIS Learning Center and Support at Learning Center by Librarian
  • Introduction to TIIS Moodle-Learning Platform
  • Introduction to Intro to TIIS Resources and IT facilities by IT Manager
  • Introduction to TIIS Workplace Safety and Health Policy and Procedure by TIIS WHS representative
  • TIIS Student Support Services by Academic Registar
  • Introduction to Student Life at TIIS by CEO
  • Compulsory Forms to be completed

Many issues may affect a student’s social or personal life. Student Support Officers can provide general advice and refer to internal sections of TIIS on a range of issues, including homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organising study time and any other issue that may be of concern. If the Student Support Officer feels further support may be required, a referral to the program coordinator, the Dean or the CEO will be organised. TIIS has engaged in a counselling service for students needing professional counselling support.

Call Student Support on 1300 164 600 or 02 8098 0702

TIIS has engaged a counselling service for students needing professional counselling support. Students are also encouraged to contact their OHSC provider to seek further assistance that might be available.

For information and services to help international students to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, please refer to:

In the event of an acute personal crisis, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, assistance can be obtained from community support agencies such as Reachout and Lifeline. For more details, you can visit their websites at: | Tel: 8029 7777 13 11 14

TIIS offers individual academic support to students in addition to their regular scheduled sessions. To assist students with their studies and assessments, workshops or one-on-one support are available in the following format:

  • Individual academic counselling;
  • Workshops to improve study and assessment skills.

The Learning Centre is the Institute’s hub for academic assistance.

Contact the Learning Centre at or call 1300 164 600 or 8098 0702


Safety is the priority for all members of the TIIS community, including international students.

TIIS treats all Work, Health and Safety (WHS) matters seriously and has a WHS policy to ensure the safety of TIIS staff and students on campus. A nominated WHS officer at TIIS is responsible for personal safety and health issues on campus.

Students are encouraged to always apply Common Sense.

Please refer to TIIS Campus Safety and Security and Emergency Procedures on campus.

Off-Campus: Stay Safe in our State – advice for international students.

The NSW Police Force has created a safety video available to students studying in NSW. We encourage you to watch the video as it covers a range of topics and tips on staying safe and getting help if needed.

The video is available in various subtitled languages to help you and your family better understand the critical messages from the police. Watch the entire video and refresh your mind with the short segments on YouTube. Enjoy, and stay safe!

For more detail, students should consult the complete Student Support Framework at


Students must pay tuition fees according to the payment schedule listed in the letter of offer signed between the student and TIIS. The tuition fee payment might present some students with extreme hardship due to unforeseeable reasons or exceptional circumstances such as a pandemic. Where genuine hardship exists, a student may seek financial support from TIIS.

A student is required to apply for TIIS financial support via the Student Support Officer describing the reason for their hardship. It is essential to include evidence supporting the application.

TIIS can provide tuition fee deferral, special scholarships, tuition fee instalments, etc. Please note that financial support is very limited as TIIS relies on tuition fees to sustain its operation. If available, students are encouraged to access the services provided by charity organisations or government agencies.

Study NSW and the City of Sydney fund the International Student Legal Service NSW. This service gives free, confidential legal advice to international students living in New South Wales.

If you are concerned about your living arrangements, school fees, employment and visa conditions and need legal advice, access the free legal service Redfern Legal Centre provides.

International students in NSW can also get advice about housing problems, fines, debts, car accidents, employment, discrimination, family law, domestic violence, and complaints about colleges or universities. They can also advise how these problems affect student visas.

TIIS closely contacts local businesses and industry groups to identify suitable student internships and/or employment opportunities.


Throughout your course, TIIS staff will assist the students in gaining employment by providing self-development activities such as writing effective resumes, interview preparation and the like. Notices of such services are available from the TIIS Learning Center Notice Board.

When you start a new job, there’s a lot to learn. The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has some great information, including handy facts to help you understand your rights at work. Watch a few short videos busting some common work myths and read on to find out more at:

For more information on your rights in the workplace, please visit the Fair Work Ombudsman website at the following link:

Students are also encouraged to find further information about working in Australia by visiting:

A learning needs analysis survey is collected on the Orientation Day to identify students who might need English language support. TIIS will allocate a qualified ELICOS Trainer to attend 1-hour English support lessons to TIIS Students on a demand basis. TIIS will provide a list of students needing English language support to an ELICOS College and will enrol the students in its relevant English for Academic Purpose Program for at least 2 hours a week for a duration nominated by TIIS. And TIIS will cover the applicable costs.

TIIS Students will be invited to a meeting with the CEO/Dean at scheduled meetings to ensure your learning needs are addressed at appropriate levels.

TIIS Students are invited to complete the following surveys to ensure that your feedback is heard and acted upon:

  • TIIS Learning Needs Survey
  • Unit Feedback
  • Lecturer Feedback
  • Feedback on TIIS Learning Experience
  • Feedback on your agents
  • Students Exit Survey

TIIS also invites students to act as TIIS ambassadors.

TIIS also invites students to serve as a mentor in TIIS Mentoring Program/Peer Support Programs.

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