Student Ambassador Program

TIIS Student Ambassador Program: Shaping the Future Leaders​

Welcome to the TIIS Student Ambassador Program (SAP), an exciting and enriching extra-curricular initiative open to domestic and international on-campus students. As a Student Ambassador, you’ll have the unique opportunity to represent The Institute of International Studies (TIIS) to current, new, and prospective students and external stakeholders. Our SAP is not just about fostering community spirit; it’s a pathway to personal growth, skill development, and a chance to leave a lasting impact on your campus.

The Student Ambassador Program Experience: Unlocking Your Potential

At TIIS, we believe in holistic education; SAP is a testament to that commitment. The program is designed with a clear aim: to enrich the on-campus student experience and provide you with opportunities to cultivate skills and attributes that are not only essential for successful study but also invaluable for your future employment prospects.

What's in it for You?

Skill Development

– Through comprehensive training and hands-on application, you’ll develop transferable skills that are highly sought-after in the job market. These include leadership, teamwork, public speaking, and effective planning and organization.

Resume Enrichment

– The experiences you gain as a Student Ambassador will significantly enhance your resume, making you stand out to future employers.

Enhanced TIIS Experience

– Become part of a close-knit community, make lasting friendships, and create memorable experiences that enrich your time at TIIS.


– At the end of your tenure, you’ll receive a certificate of appreciation from the Dean at a special end-of-year function, recognizing your dedication and contribution.

Your Responsibilities as a TIIS Student Ambassador

As a Student Ambassador, you’ll play a pivotal role in shaping the TIIS community and the student experience. Your responsibilities include:


Orientation Activities

Contribute significantly to running activities during Orientation, helping new students feel welcomed and informed.


Support for First-Year Students

Provide support to first-year students during the initial Weeks 0 to 4, helping them navigate the transition to university life.


Sharing Experiences

Share your university experiences with prospective students during relevant events, offering insights and guidance.


Event Organization

Contribute to organizing and running events throughout the year that assist students in transitioning into postgraduate life and learning and, ultimately, into the workplace.


Social Media Engagement

Actively contribute to TIIS’s social media pages, sharing the excitement and opportunities available at our institution.


Marketing Initiatives

Assist with marketing initiatives by positively advocating for TIIS and promoting our values and culture.

Balancing Commitments

We understand that your primary focus is on your academic pursuits. Therefore, you will not be expected or encouraged to miss any classes. All Ambassador commitments will be thoughtfully organized to complement your academic schedule. Compulsory Student Ambassador training sessions will be conducted outside class time, ensuring no conflicts with your coursework.

We value your well-being and academic success. Therefore, we will only place reasonable expectations on you during busy assignments and exam periods. However, we do expect Ambassadors to attend some events and workshops during TIIS holidays or weekends.

Join the TIIS Student Ambassador Program and embark on a transformative journey that will enrich your university experience and prepare you for a bright and successful future. Be a part of a community that inspires, supports, and leads!


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?

Guna Bahadur Tamang

Apsara Chhetri

Anne Munyiva Kasyoki