A World of Opportunities: Exploring TIIS’s Diverse Academic Programs

Are you ready to embark on an educational journey tailored to your future? The Institute of International Studies (TIIS) offers many academic programs designed to unlock your potential and set you on the path to success. Diverse Degree Programs At TIIS, we take pride in offering seven world-class degree programs

Why Working in Group?

While students are completing their enrolled units, in addition to individual work, very often they will be asked to form into groups for presentation or written assignments. Why? One principal reason is to help students get better prepared for their future career. We live in a society where we have

Accounting for Advancement?

Thinking of doing further study to become a professional? Before deciding on the discipline to study, let’s consider what kind of profession will always be in demand. Would you agree “accounting” is one of those? Irrespective of the economic cycle, businesses will always need accountants to keep the books and