Bachelor of Business (BBus)

CRICOS Course Code: 107616A

The Bachelor of Business (BBus) is a 24 subject, 3-year undergraduate degree. The course is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills to function in a broad range of business environments. In accord with The Institute of International Studies (TIIS) strategic vision, graduates from the Bachelor of Business will be professionally orientated and work ready. The course fulfils the requirements of CPA (Australia) and the Chartered Accountants Association of Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ).


The Bachelor of Business program at TIIS not only equips graduates with academic knowledge
but also instils practical skills and a forward-thinking mindset, ensuring they are well-prepared
for the complexities of the modern business landscape.


  • Management Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Human Resource Manager

Learning Outcomes


Business Communication: Acquire practical communication skills vital for professional interactions, including business writing, presentation techniques, and intercultural communication.

Business Ethics and Sustainability: Understand the ethical dimensions of business operations and the importance of sustainable practices.

Business Statistics and Research: Develop proficiency in statistical analysis and research
methodologies crucial for informed decision-making.

Enterprise Design and Value Creation: Learn to design and create value within the business
context, fostering innovative thinking.


Critical Thinking: Cultivate the ability to analyze information, assess situations, and make informed decisions.

Team Collaboration: Hone collaboration skills essential for effective teamwork within organizational settings.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: Foster an entrepreneurial spirit, enabling graduates to identify and seize
business opportunities.

Strategic Management: Develop skills to formulate and implement strategic plans for organizational success.

Global Business Understanding: Gain insights into the global business environment, preparing
for diverse international contexts.

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Course Design and Structure

Typically, students will complete the course in 6 full-time semesters over 3 years. The course will also be available part-time for domestic students. The following subjects are proposed for the 17 core subjects.


Students will be required to complete 7 electives from an elective bank of 14 subjects. Students will have the opportunity to consolidate their electives into a specialised stream. It should be noted that specialist streams will NOT be formally recognised on the testamur as part of the award title.




Company Accounting






Gather Documentation

Begin your journey by gathering all the necessary documents as per TIIS entry requirements.


Application Submission

Complete our application forms and send them to TIIS via email.


Approval Process

If you meet our requirements, TIIS will issue a Letter of Offer.


Fee Payment

Secure your place by paying your tuition fees. Upon payment, you’ll receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE).